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Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 14, 2019
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Breakfast was scrambled eggs and potatoes and it was fantastic (at least we have to say so since the OFM cooked them). Then we meandered on down to the Beach Park to piddle around. The first thing we noticed is how the bad winter weather is doing when it gets here. Check out these folks braving the bitter cold, gray clouds and severe wind.

Some new toys came in today.  These soft colored pencils have a nice feel and bright pigments. It should be fun to use soon.

G Rock is looking at the old indoor thermometer after it was removed.

Hey OFM, why did you take it down? Because I had lots of trouble reading it with my old eyes. Even with all the lights on, I needed my trifocals up close to read it.  Oh OK I guess said G Rock.

OFM mentions that the new Thermometer is much easier to read and the OFM can read it from the dining room/computer/general purpose table without having to get up and get close.

Hold me up to see it said G Rock. So the OFM had G Rock pose with the new thermometer so the blog readers can see what an OLD man needs to have for monitoring the inside temperature.

  WOW said G Rock, I can even read it from down there on the couch in the living room! That was a great thing to do OFM. Thank you G Rock. Now lets get busy and head out to try to have tooooo much fun again.  And away they went to more adventures.

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