Morning Sun


Low Tides

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 03, 2019
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Got busy right out of the bed this morning. Clean up of all the left over saved boxes for shipping presents was accomplished. Christmas cards were prepared and are awaiting mailing in the near future. Rearranged some cabinets. Some shopping for food and finally in the afternoon a rod and lure was taken to the beach park to ease back a little.

The tide is running really low today. Here is a picture of lots of feet meandering around on the sand. See if you can identify any of the critters that made the tracks.

At another spot a cabbage head jelly fish left a trail up onto a sand bar. No bird tracks were spotted but we doubt that the jelly fish could have made the path by itself. even without good evidence we think something dragged the jelly fish up onto that location. Another great mystery to be solved..

A nice family came by as they walked the late evening beach enjoying the 72F weather.  They were getting to see all sorts of shell home critters that were out and about on the beach tonight.

They were doing a pretty good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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