Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Tree Turtle

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: December 17, 2019
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As we were walking along the trail, we came to a place where a small tree had been blown over and died with its limbs in the water. A quick glance made the shoe brakes lock up for a skidding stop on the asphalt trail.

The thought was what is that in the tree?

The answer was a turtle!

That turtle continued to work its way up the tree higher and higher.  WHY? We do not know. When we left the area it was still working its way toward the sun.

Then later we stopped to visit friends Don and Patsy.  We had a great visit. During the visit it was mentioned that painted rocks like Grock had shown up in their area. Two of which they had brought home with them.

They seemed to be enjoying the picnic table top as they wandered around on it. They were about twice the size of Grock. We did not get their names so for now we will call them Don and Patsy.

Maybe during the next visit they will tell the OFM what their names are.

The cold weather slowed the running around down a good bit but it did not slow the trying to have tooooo much fun down.

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