There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-13-2021

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The OFM got to the Whataburger and put himself in line to order. A lady came out of the restroom and seemed very anxious about having to wait for a few minutes. So the OFM offered her to go ahead of him if she needed to hurry. She graciously accepted the offer. The few minutes longer had no meaning to the OFM Teams since we are lazy retirees.

The OFM got to the counter and ordered his usual order and the cashier, Geena who well knows my ordering style, punched it up and said no charge. Geena told me the lady I let go ahead paid for my lunch. Good grief we did not really do anything but when we got the chance the OFM went to the lady and thanked her for the consideration. She seemed surprised and happy to hear the OFM's thank you.

We have no idea what the hurry was about but she did have a quiet conversation with the store manager and then quietly left the store.

We chose a seat and it turned out to be next to some winter Texans so we talked rving while eating. It was a great lunch time.

On our morning wobble walk the OFM spotted some neat red leaves and we caught a nice closeup of them to store in our file of neat photos for future inspiration for a painting.

Having some time to utilize for art effort, the OFM took down another picture from the wall of the Castle to upgrade the painting to our current level of ability. We had done one a couple of weeks ago and it turned out really well. So it took about five hours to upgrade this one and get it hung back on the wall of the Castle.

If we keep on learning and practicing we might make it to drunk jackrabbit ability level in a couple of years.

Which brings up another really big for us happening in the art efforts! We mentioned a new to us technique of under painting with watercolor before using the colored pencil for final work. Well,,,,, we tried it on the latest effort in progress preliminary named Feather Leg since it is about a bird.

The technique was fantastic for saving time. For the hour extra work, we estimate we saved over six hours of colored pencil working time. Which puts us way ahead of the assumed schedule! This will definitely need to be worked with more often to see how to utilize it for the best results.

Although we can tell the technique will need more practice, it is also very obvious that it will be a major assist in cutting the coloring time by a huge amount. However colored pencil art will still be the slowest painting style by a long ways. It is good that the Teams think that colored pencil is a great way for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Is doing art faster one of your goals?

    1. Nope. If I go too fast the colored pencil lead might melt.

  2. What a nice experience with that other customer!

    The shape and color of that red-leaved plant was prettier than most flowers.

  3. Heaven forbid that the colored pencil should melt. I myself feel like cutting my throat when I think of doing a painting, no matter how small, in colored pencil. The watercolor underpainting seems an excellent idea.....