Fat Flounder


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-30-2021

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It was a good day of walking and smaller meanderings. We got in time at the Beach Park and Memorial Park. Visited with a few folks we met while out and about. Over all a good full day of activities.

In the late afternoon the OFM meandered out onto the wooden pier to fish for a bit and wait for the evening sunset. Missed the sunset for some reason unknown to the teams. But all the next four photos came from the afternoon pier time.

While he was standing holding his rod, the OFM noticed the unique reflection of the pier on the water. It was neat the way the ripples made the pier seem to move about.

All was not lost since the OFM did catch a couple of fish while on the pier. The first fish was caught about ten feet from the pier piling and put up a nice fight. It was a decent size speckled trout of about 19 inches. It was definitely a FIGHTER.

Back to fishing and not too long later we hooked a nice flounder. Flounder are not legal to keep until after December 15 this year. But this one was a fat sucker with tough attitude all through and through.

Both were caught on the same lure.

There was not a lot of folks out today but some of the expensive boats were out and we got a picture of this $500,000 rig on the way out to do whatever folks do with a boat that costs at least $150 an hour to operate. But it sure was pretty.

After finishing supper we plan on an evening of art mess to make the OFM happy while trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So was the trout a keeper? A friend who fishes down there recently supplied me with some redfish (drum or snapper? I don't know....but very mild in taste) and it was quite good when cooked. I don't mind a fishy taste myself. That much money for a little boat, huh. Well, it looks a bit weird to me. What are all those poles sticking out the top, for example.
    Keep on with your art messing!

    1. The trout was legal. Those poles on the boat are called outriggers. They hold a fishing line to run the lures correctly when offshore trolling. I am guessing that is a 45-50 foot boat used in the open ocean area.

  2. A coworker once declared yachts were for people who wanted to go out on the water while staying as far out of the water as possible.