Morning Sun


Cool And Crisp


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-29-2021

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Cool and crisp was the morning. After breakfast we meandered around looking for adventure. About the most exciting thing was the beautiful weather. Check out this beach weather this morning.

The rest of the day until late afternoon was just piddle here and mess around there and get in a nice brisk walk at the Memorial Park and visit a few folks.

Late afternoon we got to take this picture of the warm evening weather of 69F but strong sunshine.

Then we walked out on the pier with a fishing rod to have fun casting and not catching anything. Nothing that is until a quick moving mean migraine headache slammed home in the OFM's head. We headed back to the Castle for proper treatment and horizontal time. At the time of this writing the OFM is doing well and expects to be fine by tomorrow morning. The nice weather sure makes the OFM to be out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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