Happy Thanksgiving


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-25-2021

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We got the day started with more great weather and a comfortable full distance walk at the Beach Park this morning. A little meandering around town just for no good reason and it was back to the Castle and working on a painting that has been recently started. Estimated finish time is next year.

Mid morning snack was the pumpkin pie slice from the food donation of yesterday.

Then it was lunch time and the weather was wonderful so we got out of the Castle to run over to the Aransas Pass Whataburger. The burger was good and the service excellent. As we were getting ready to hit the road, the bottom fell out. Rain had moved in with a vengeance. We ran ( yea right) for Sierra and fought rain all the way back to the Castle. The rain lasted all the way until after dark. The warm temperatures have dropped so we have the electric heaters running on low wattage keeping us warm.

When supper time came around, the OFM moved the gift food from yesterday to a plate for warming. It looked and was very good.

Once again it was a gentle day and a fun day but we need to work harder at trying to have tooooo much fun we think.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. It looks like you enjoyed some good cooking. I made dinner this year in my son's dorm apartment. It came out pretty good. I was surprised that after 9 months of being in a van--I could cook with an oven and nothing burned.