Bird Identification Needed


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-5-2021

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We had a nice morning of 52F that by 1000 it was in the low 60s with bright sunshine the rest of the day. The morning walk required a long sleeve shirt but not a jacket.

As we walked along the bulkhead there were lots of birds that flew away. However this heron just piddled around as we got closer and closer. It stayed about ten feet away as this picture shows.

The OFM kept on talking nice and calmly to the bird and it slowly walked off the bulkhead and stood in the grass as we passed by. It was nice to not automatically scare the wildlife. A mutual respect distance is good but fear is not good.

As we wound our way in a wayward manor back along the “back loop” picnic area, where the bonfire was, another very unusual bird to the Teams was working along the water line. It was a lot more skittish than the heron so we gave it more space. In fact this picture was a fairly long telephoto shot.

If one of our wonderful readers know what bird this is please tell us. Thank you.

In the afternoon we did head over to the harbor for a minor chore that was easily accomplished. So the OFM decided that we should hit up the wind sheltered spot that is often a good yielding location for legal speckled trout. It is right in the middle of the harbor mooring area.

To the left of this finger pier is shrimp boat mooring slips. To the immediate right is the back porch of the city\county overflow courthouse. And right across from us is the moorings for the Texas Parks and Wildlife research lab and game wardens offices. One thing for sure, at this spot be certain to have your fishing license and obey the fishing laws. We have met most of the game wardens in this area and they are very nice folks and reasonable BUT they do take their job seriously.

As you can see a good fishing spot can be right in the middle of a lot of people and boat traffic. The Teams like to think that the runoff from the shrimp boats washing down in the afternoon brings lots of predator fish in for us to catch.

When the Teams moved into this campsite there was campers all around us. Tonight this is our view from the art/eating table.

The site to the left is waiting for some nice folks from way up north to get here. They have had a big trouble with their motor home and are camping in the repair facility until they can roll this way. The other two lots are supposedly reserved for more northern folks headed this way and should get here soon. Then our view will be a bit more congested.

In the meantime we have a couple of shopping efforts to do tomorrow. The OFM chose tomorrow since it is Saturday in a coastal tourist town and all the beach and fishing areas will be full of folks from San Antonio and South West Houston. We are going clothing shopping.

The new stoup turned out very well.

Poached chicken

navy beans

whole kernal corn

brown rice

cole slaw mix

Spices of your choice

Cooked slowly and gently.

The OFM forgot he had a 2 liter pot so it was brim full when the cooking was finished.

Yield five big meals in the freezer. Yummity Yumm Yum. That eating will be an especially good way of trying to have tooooo much FUN.


  1. I saw that same bird at MISP a couple of weeks ago , took a pic but it was too far away for my cheap camera. Thanks to your pic I found it on the internet - American Oystercatcher.