The Greeter


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-15-2021

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The OFM rolled out of bed ready for adventures. Breakfast was a home cooked feast and then it was exercise time. So the OFM grabbed his hand weights, slipped on something and wrenched his back and both shoulders. End of exercise session.

OK, eat a handful of ibuprofen and make a grocery list. Go to store get all but two items on the list because he can even forget things on the grocery list.

Spend a bit of time taking it easy while revising the Teams fishing rod. Then down to the harbor and trying it out carefully. It seemed to be a good change but the OFM was being very careful with his injuries. The “one more cast” turned out to be the winner, except we did not have the camera with us. It was a really fat 18 1/2” speckled trout.

Later in the afternoon after some lay on his back rest with another dose of ibuprofen, we went to Fulton to fish a bit. When we got there a family had settled in fishing and teaching their young son to fish. The day was gorgeous for them and we love folks getting kids outside and away from the computer screens.

Along about 1600 the OFM back decided to take a walk at the Memorial Park if we would be real gentle. We Team members agreed to the gentle requirement. It was a bit warm but not hot which seemed to make the injuries loosen up and fly right as my parents used to say.

We rounded a bend and noticed the trail greeter on duty.

The greeter did not have much to say today but just lay there grinning. So we moved gently onward. On the far side of the ponds where the water supply windmill is located, we noticed two trucks and folks at work.

Yesterday when we came past, the outlet pipe it was not running water and the windmill was not turning in the wind. So today we hope the repairs are going well. All the water in the ponds comes from that one windmill powered by nature.

On the way back to Sierra the greeter was still there observing everyone that passed by. The greeter looks like it is well fed.

Then this evening as we sat at the do everything table next to the large window, we noticed that the setting sun was providing a nice scene of the moon and a palm tree lighted brightly by the setting sun. We thought is was a nice view and here it is.

And that makes a great finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Oh yes, what a nice view at the end of the day from your do everything table. I like that term.

  2. I am laughing out loud at your statement that you can forget items on the list! How many times have I come home without something on my list? Sometimes it is even the FIRST item on my list. Several repeats of this have made me TRY to remember to check out the list BEFORE I leave the store instead of AFTER I get home. It feels good to laugh, Thanks.

    1. I hate missing things on my shopping list....

  3. Either the cat just finished off a big meal
    or she is full of kittens. It would explain the not wanting
    to move. Hope the back feels better today.

    1. Doing good this morning but will take it a bit easy to enhance the healing of an Old Fat MAN.

  4. oh my goodness Barney...lets not exert oneself beyond the pain threshhold! Take care. Sounds like that trout was a winner.