Eat A Sting Ray?


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-8-2021

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The first thing we noticed today was that the cool front had disappeared into who knows where. By the time we rolled to the store for groceries it was sweating time. The rest of the day was a warm but not totally miserable event as we went about household chores. Even the grocery section of Walmart here had lots of empty shelves to catch the OFM's attention.

We did a bit of tackle box and fishing gear clean out to make our lives easier. Then the OFM sat at the computer for a good while reading about some folks that have discovered that his lifestyle can be extremely rewarding. Our name for it for twenty four years has been Simple Living and now it is a big movement in the USA according to what we saw. Good luck to them.

Back in our normal world in the afternoon was a bit of fishing and visiting with tourists at the fishing spots we tried. The visiting was wonderful and the fishing was worthless.

However We did get to see another never before seen by the OFM sight. A heron had speared a sting ray and was trying to figure out how to swallow it. We got about ten pictures of it but this was by far the best one.

We went on our way out on the pier and checked back now and then. Eventually the heron did not have possession of the ray anymore and was on the prowl for a better meal. Rays have VERY tough skin but they taste OK when grilled.

Evening came quickly, early and with drama.

We shortly left the pier and headed for a shredded chicken taco salad and sweet tea for supper. It was wonderful. Coming out of the restaurant after 1800 the moon was very bright even though the sun was still giving things a bit of sunglow.

We guess that means the atmosphere must be really clear tonight.

It was an interesting day and a lot of fun and conversations with new folks to help it be a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Oh. I didn't know sting rays were edible, but then, I'm an inlander. I saw a great blue heron kill a red-wnged blackbird once. The blackbird had been harrassing it for, I suppose, being too close to the nest. I was stunned. Heron just reached out and stabbed it. Heron didn't try to eat it though, just kept fishing. Well, that's a cheery story, isn't it. I do like your last photo.

  2. Shark meat taste like scallops, I suppose sting rays could be eaten - if you were careful???
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Wow! Bet that stingray caused some heartburn!