Reworked Painting


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-2-2021

Click the picture to enlarge it.

The wall behind the dining room bench seat has six paintings hanging on it as shown in earlier pictures on this blog. As the OFM man was staring at them after another new technique lesson a couple of weeks ago, it caught his attention that one of the paintings in particular could use the help the new technique taught. Here is what it looked like at that time.

We unscrewed it from the wall and went to work on it. MANY references back to the internet lessons were made. Naturally we learned a lot from having to redo the original painting. BUT it was a lot of slow work. After almost two months have passed the rework has been completed and is ready to display again. We think it looks lots better with the new style of painting and presentation. Here is the new painting as it hangs on the wall now.

We hope everyone enjoys the effort and as usual helpful critiques are very welcome. Parts of the new version now have under painting to assist the final coats in their appearance.

Once again we found the art effort to be a very wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. It does look better. Not just the background making it more vibrant, but the other things you've done, I can't tell what....photos don't always show those things. Well done!!

  2. Wonderful! Richer, deeper. The blue is great. Hope you are enjoying the process.

  3. Good job on reworking your art. It's a great change. i am so glad that painting gives you such joy, Makes "too much fun" real. Provides you with satisfaction even when you can't go out much.

  4. I love the changes that you made. The foreground has a lot more interest now and the flower petals really pop. Everything just looks much clearer - nice job! I enjoy all your adventures whether inside or out, thanks for blogging.