Morning Sun


New Art Studio


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-16-2021

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Yesterdays strain and sprain event has 90% healed today by careful activities and ibuprofen. This morning was beautiful as you can see from our walk starting point.

We did a meandering brisk walk around inside the beach park. The wind was strong so the mosquitoes were not in action today.

As we neared the beach a bird that was feeding got really nervous about having its picture taken. It would stop and feed then when the camera came up to take a picture it briskly wandered to some other location. This picture was taken with a fairly long zoom and WE did not want to keep on disturbing the bird. Is that a sandpiper?

We noticed that the new wood used in the repair of the pier is getting fuzzy from the natural elements of the weather here in this area. We have no idea about how or why.

Out at the end of the pier is a four piling Dolphin to protect the end of the pier from boats and debris striking the pier. It seems that some fool decided one of the piling needed to be shot with a shotgun. It is a stupid thing to do for certain.

We tried out one of the elevated gazebos for use as an art studio. It was nice up there and all it needed was for the OFM to remember to bring all the things he uses for art efforts i.e. a pencil sharpener

Overall it was a gentle day of healing and we feel the healing will be finished by tomorrow morning. That way our trying to have tooooo much fun can be more vigorous.


  1. That's a curlew - kinda rare but they are around. Got a pic I took of one hanging on my wall. Enjoy the beautiful weather as you are in the right place!

  2. Definitely a Long-billed Curlew, a winter visitor to South Texas.