Finally Stoup Time Again


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-4-2021

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The excitement events today have been many and frequent. Tonight we hear about a couple of them. The most important to the OFM Teams is the OFM finally got rid of some items that have been holding us back and decided that tomorrow morning after a store visit will be a pot of chicken stoup. The chicken has been poached and is chilling in the refrigerator for the excitement of being the star of the show in the morning.

When it was time for the doctor visit for Sierra, we were there on time and Dr. Rex, the excellent mechanic at Craigs in Rockport, took Sierra for a test drive. Sure enough Sierra was on its best behavior and ran perfectly. So Sierra was placed on the vehicle lift and Rex went to work checking the front suspension stuff while the OFM stood out of the way. In a couple of minutes the front suspension sounded off like it has been for a couple of weeks, Dr. Rex quickly chased the sound to its location and the diagnosis was made. It is nothing that needs to be repaired right now and probably has at least another 20K miles to go on it before the joints show some slack. If it gets to sounding off a lot louder then bring it back in for a check up.

Then we went to the light clunk in the drive line. Dr. Rex put the drive line through a bunch of twisting and jerking and other careful moves and found a slight bit of slack in a spline joint, probably from wear during the 111000 miles we have put on Sierra. This is also a not ready” by a long ways” to be fixed situation.

With those things out of the way Sierra was given a clean bill of health for another year of running the roads with the Castle behind it. Cost for the 45 minute exam $20.

We promised last night to get a picture of the flower bud we showed. In spite of the serious wind today to go with the nearly freezing cold of 50F, we accomplished that chore. Here is the flags and birds showing off at the beach park entrance.

We rolled on down a half mile to the first gazebo set of buildings and got Sierra parked. Then we messed around the gardens and took some more pictures. Finally we found the bud from yesterday in its current form and grabbed a picture in the hurricane force winds. So now we know what the bud turned out like when it grew up.

We received questions about the Croaker we threw back yesterday so here is the link to the information we found on the web. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_croaker

We hope this will answer all the questions.

Now we are going to bed to rest up for another really busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I thought you told me that it does not get cold down there where you are! We are still in 65-90 degree weather. Stay warm. I spend the day warding off the effects of the Covid booster, and am going to make chicken soup tomorrow. Guess we are thinking on the same lines.

  2. Low Tucson Az average 66/42
    Low Brownsville Tx average 72/52

  3. That bud was much more interesting before it opened.

  4. I have never been able to let something go when it shows wear. It would stay on my mind 24/7.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. It is more like a slightly worn down pencil lead that will need sharpening after being used for a few more pages of manuscript.

  5. OK then. That sure looks like a moonflower!! But a leaves might help define for sure. Thank you.
    Meanwhile, I wish I had a Dr Rex for my car.