Beautiful Weather Again


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-17-2021

Click the picture to enlarge it.

A nice morning walk that turned out to be about twice as far as we have gone in over two weeks in one continuous walk. That was very encouraging. Here is the scene that started the day for us.

After the morning walk we took careful stock of our clothing inventory. The decision was to get rid of a few ragged items and resupply today. So we had a nice and not too expensive trip to Walmart right after we had lunch next door at the Whataburger. The OFM seemed to be in a mood to do a lot of looking at things at Walmart. We were in the store for almost an hour but it only cost $26 to check out. We expected more devastation than that as the time wore on. That bit of shopping should carry us all the way to next summer clothing wise.

The afternoon was an all day piddle around until we hit the beach park again and did a little fishing and thinking. The best thing the OFM did was take a late afternoon picture of Little Bay to show that the nice day was lasting all day.

This evening we have been perusing places we might roll on toward in the next few weeks. The Castle tires keep complaining that they need some road scratching to cure their itchy symptoms.

And last but far from least we pulled out the oil pastels and made a mess of a painting attempt but it was a good attempt at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. The water is so CLEAR in the last photo. Geez. Maybe it's been a long time since I've been down there. I am surprised. As for oil pastels....more messes have happened at my hands than probably anywhere else.

    1. When the wind is calm we can see bottom in 6-7 feet of water.

    2. I guess I've only been down there once in November. Other times in January were on the actual gulf, on Mustang Island. I find summer to be...not hospitable. But such clear water is beautiful.