Big Thorns


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-3-2021

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The morning meander was going well as the OFM wobbled along on the fishing pier parking lot surface trying to get all limbered up to pick up the pace. Suddenly he noticed the surviving palm tree in planter in the parking lot. This palm tree has huge thorns big enough to put a hurt on a water tank.

We had never noticed thorns like these on this plant or any other of the palm trees all over this area. Those are some mean thorns. Many of the thorns were longer than the length of the OFM's hand.

On the other end of the spectrum of plants here is the grassy bush that has beautiful purple stems/leaves covering the top part of the shrub. In the evenings when the sunlight is just right the glow is wonderful to see and appreciate.

And while we are on purple check out this flower getting ready to explode. Isn't that gorgeous center. We plan to stop by it tomorrow afternoon to check the bloom progress.

As the day moved along the winds got stronger which kept the mosquitoes down to make it more nice for humans to be in the area. Check out this palm tree showing us which way the wind is blowing.

As it turned out the palm was also telling us about the strong storm headed for our area. A little later in about a three minute time span the wind shifted from the north, the temperature dropped a bunch and the storm front moved into the area.

From the sounds on the Castle the storm contained hail as an extra added attraction.

But the good news is that the OFM tried bottom fishing for a change and caught one of his favorite eating fish, a small croaker. Naturally the camera was back at the truck waiting to take weather pictures. Croaker are a smaller fish that are plentiful and good for all sorts of ways of preparing fish for eating. They are first cousins to the more famous red fish of saltwater fame. So we did find a new way in this area for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Croaker too small to take home? Ah well. I look forward to what that flower becomes.....tomorrow. Yes, this norther brought some storms and wet stuff.

  2. The pink bush is pink muhly grass. It is most lovely at dawn when the dew is sparkling on it. The golf courses and pathways here in the Villages are lined with it and when the plumes come out in October it's breathtaking. I think this header photo is one of your best.