And A Lady Screamed


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-22-2021

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We made the Memorial Park our walking site today and it was a wonderful choice. The weather was just right for a brisk walk. Once again the OFM noticed the way the Live Oak Trees manage to intertwine with each other. It makes for some interesting entanglements. Check out this pile of limbs.

Fall is starting to happen here finally and the park's foliage is responding. So we had a wonderful time getting pictures of potential art inspirations for nice paintings this winter.

We were making good time around the far end of the pond and a nice young lady was headed toward us as she stayed close to the reeds and water of the ponds. We were looking at another natural photo opportunity when we heard the obnoxious squawk of a heron and the scream of a younger lady. We looked up quick enough to see the lady jump all the way across the very wide trail. She quickly regained her composure and said to the OFM I did not see that bird as her face glowed bright crimson.

It seems a very large heron was in the reeds about three feet from her when it squawked in alarm and thrashed its way out of the reeds for the other side of the pond.

As she passed the OFM, he said to her that they are a sneaky bird for sure and she agreed. We both giggled a little over the EVENT.

The OFM went back to picture taking and walking. The lady disappeared around the bend. The heron was acting like nothing happened and was busy finding lunch.

Fast forward to late afternoon and an OFM out to catch a fish. The wooden pier in the Beach Park had several folks on it who were catching fish. So went went out to join them. They turned out to be from Portland Texas a few miles down the road.

They were fishing for sheepshead and having some success. During the short visit we had with the family, they caught several sand trout, a toad fish, a couple of sheepshead and some pinfish.

The politely made room for the OFM to fish and he shortly caught a 19” speckled trout.

It was a nice fight. Apparently the fish had nearly cut our leader through. On the next cast the lure and a couple of inches of leader departed from the rod. That was the end of fishing this afternoon since the OFM only brought that one lure out.

As it turned out it was time to quit fishing anyway and pay attention to the sky and the sunset. We grabbed a couple of pictures of the sunset as it progressed. Here is our choice for the sunset tonight.

Yep it was a nice sunset to finish out a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.