Gar and Turtles


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-14-2021

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A good walk was had this morning in the cool bright sunshine at the City Park. Right after we started on the walk, the OFM felt a funny feeling in his left hand and looked down at it to see a large mosquito chewing a hole in his hand. It few off before we could get a good swat on it. So we moved on down the trail at a nice pace. In a short time the bite spot started to itch and have a bit of pain. When we looked at the spot it was a nickle sized bruise. Before we got this next picture it grew a little more. Old man skin can be delicate.

By accident today we stopped at the pond viewing pier. Apparently a lot of critter feeding happens there because was soon as the OFM feet vibrated the pier a massive rush of gar and turtles came hurrying out to the end of the pier and got all ready to be fed it looked like. There were about 20 gar and a dozen turtles ready for food.

Later the afternoon after the visitors left town to go home, we meandered down to the harbor to fish a little. Nope no bites but we did get this nice picture to show how nicely the day was behaving.

And that pretty well covers all the excitement we found while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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