Dog Bite Update Report


Adventure Location: Rockport,Texas

Adventure Date: 11-10-2021

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Another beautiful day with cool temps most of the day. The OFM had a better than usual 1.5 mile brisk walk this morning with very little joint pain until right at the end. So we stopped instead of trying to push things a little.

The remaining healing from the dog bite of two weeks ago is going well. The scab is slowly coming off in pieces. Today during the walk a piece of scab came partially loose and hung on the pants leg. That was not nice but we got shed of that piece of scab and things went well the rest of the walk. At this healing rate we expect to have that bite event history by next week. We are certainly glad the bite did not amount to more than a skin removal.

Back to the walk events. Nothing really special happened but we did get pictures of a few things that might turn into paintings of natural items. Speaking of natural items, some of the live oaks in this park have black acorns.

This is the only place in the USA we can recall seeing black acorns growing on the trees. You never know what you will find in Texas!

Some mis-behaving items of the Teams needed some light sledge hammering to get them to behave properly. We did not want the neighbors to hear the screaming from tuning up the items, so we took them down to the Beach Park to do the corrective action.

As you can see the view was nice and the sun wonderful and nobody around to here the screams. It took about fifteen minutes to tighten the pivot pin on several metal rings that open and close. Now they are very well behaved and doing a wonderful job for the rest of the Team members. It is nice to have a beautiful day like that to work outside.

We did get a new painting started this afternoon. With a little luck it will be finished by Christmas. It is nice to look forward to another painting for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. After a good bit of research on black acorns I have found that there are several varieties of oak trees that have black acorns. A few of those varieties are even native to this Gulf Coast region. It is nice to learn something new.

  2. My live oaks have totally different acorns.
    Half that size. Green to brown. They were really dropping yesterday.
    Your picture on my computer shows a beautiful dark purple color.
    Have a great day, OFM!

  3. Excited to hear you are starting a new painting. Do you want to tell me what the subject matter is? Hey we may be going down towards Big Bend for the Christmas Holiday...perhaps we could meet up. I will keep you informed.

    1. This painting is about a feather leg. Check the BBNP carefully since a lot of it is not really fully open the last time I checked. When I needed utilities I would stay at Stillwell Ranch next door to Black Gap and Big Bend. Lots of really good biking there. Things have changed a lot since my last trip out there. Plan on some pretty cold weather. I went in at the first of January a few years ago and found
      nights to be in the 25F range.

      You will not catch me out there in BBNP until after Feb. My next stop after Rockport is normally around Falcon Lake.