Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


What Are They?

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-14-2020
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The OFM was still tired this morning but the Teams were raring to get going.  After the “oatmeal again” breakfast we hit the trails again. But the OFM was definitely on a slower pace today. Muscles were explaining the unhappiness that would occur if he tried to move along too fast.

The OFM reacted by telling the rest of the Team that new photos of close things were needed for this blog since we were nearly out of nice blog photos. So the Team agreed that they would allow a slower pace today and look for special pictures.

The first slow pace picture was of some “hairy moss” hanging on a live oak tree branch. We have no idea if it is moss or goat hair or ????? But if a reader knows what it is please tell us.

Along the trail we checked out lots of things but it took a good bit of walking before we spotted this “lettuce leaf lichen” growing on a blackbrush limb. We thought it was a nice lacy looking growth. If any one knows its real name please let us know the correct name.

We did find an unmarked trail to meander this afternoon.  It was a pleasant half mile of walking.

About halfway along this trail we met a nice fellow going the opposite direction. We talked about rv travel for about thirty minutes. He and his wife are on their first month of travels and very excited about the adventure so far. They are from Nova Scotia.

Naturally a nice bit of time was spent visiting with some other folks in the park. It is easy to spend the whole day just going from site to site visiting folks.

Along about sundown the OFM grabbed the camera and fast walked the short cut trail to the boat ramp “cliff” to catch a fantastic cloud and sun sunset. That did not happen it was mostly a clouds and sun rays finale but we think it was still nice.

The OFM needs to do a better job of pacing himself when he is out running around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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