Odd Holes in the Trails

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-20-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

Between yesterday’s migraine and today’s light rain, slightly cold temperature, and brisk breeze, the OFM has done a great job of taking it easy trying to recuperate.  Seems like the migraine pains hang in there a little longer as the OFM ages.

We did find a picture of some holes in a trail. The trails around here are mostly VERY hard clay. Even with all this misty rain you barely leave a mark on the ground as you walk along.  Yet regularly there are these 1 inch diameter holes in the clay. Here is a picture with green arrows pointing to the holes.

Does anyone know what makes the holes? The OFM has asked the park folks and they would like to know also.

At least there is good Internet towers near and we are getting good Internet for the OFM to play on. When it is nasty cold weather and he hurts that is about all he can do for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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