Morning Sun


Nasty Slop

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-11-2020

The OFM came to wakefulness with a realization it was coolish inside the Castle.  So out came the electric heater and it was put to work. It worked all day since it was a cold wet heavy fog with a serious wet cold wind to help whisk the warmth right out of the Castle and the OFM.

It stayed that way mostly all day and it was NASTY.  But the OFM did have to get out and wobble around a little bit. we found a bird nest way out on a small little limb. That would have been very difficult for any predator critters to handle that weak whippy limb to get to the eggs or bird.

And we even found a few silly yellow flowers out blooming in this messy cold weather.

They were very bright and about the size of a dime. We did not stick around to look for more pictures and headed back into the warm dry of the Castle.

Probably the best thing that happened today is the OFM got started on another painting.  It is basically the same scene as the last one he did. The one he never showed anyone and threw away in little pieces.
This one will definitely correct many of the mistakes he made on the last one.  However we are very confident that he will easily make many new silly mistakes on this new one.

He seems to be having a good time doing the painting since he keeps on giggling like a happy fool trying to have tooooo much fun.

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