Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-23-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

Our two weeks were up so we had to roll before noon. The Teams were rolling in good time and made the long seven minute tow to the Falcon County Park in fine fashion. Contrary to a recent u-tube video, there are no designated campsites in this park.  You just chose a spot and set up.

 And then if  you are like the OFM, pictures are taken of your location. Here is the view from the south side of the Castle.

 Then the OFM walked up the hill and down the other side to take a picture from there. BUT there were a couple of Canadians there that were ready to talk. Naturally the OFM cannot waste a moment to flap his jaws. After the conversation the OFM walked over to take a picture of the north side of the spot the Castle chose for our stay.

Yep that close by tree provides afternoon shade for the Castle. And the Castle door faces west in order to take sunset pictures like this one from tonight.

The downside is that Internet is occasional, intermittent and sometimes. So this blog entry will publish at some unknown time in the near future we hope.

This is boondocking and it is great when the temperatures are good. The next few days will be great for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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