Grock Sees Mexico

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-10-2020

We asked if he would like to go down to the lake to look around. You bet I would he said. So into Sierra we went and rolled down the rough road to the beach at the picnic area. Sierra parked us so it was facing Mexico.

Come see Mexico the OFM said to Grock.  Mexico is here?  Yep the OFM replied. About a mile out there in the water is the boundary. The tall pole in the lake marks the boundary between the USA and Mexico. Grock rolled up onto Sierra to get a better look and exclaimed WOW O WOW!

I have to check out the water exclaimed Grock.  He rolled off Sierra and rolled very fast down to the water. Splash he went into the shallow rivulet and got wet. Grock exclaimed the water is not salty like at Rockport.  That is correct Grock, this is a freshwater lake fed by the Rio Grande River that comes all the way from Colorado.  Good grief Grock said that is a long way. 

The OFM was looking around at something when he heard Grock holler out... Look how high I am!  Sure enough that dumb rock had climbed to the top of a left over stump. Grock was really proud of himself.

Grock suddenly leapt from the stump top to the sand beach and went running away.

Before the OFM could catch him he had climbed up on top of the life ring stand.  What is this, some kind of a kid ride?  No Grock' that is a life saving ring.  If someone gets in trouble in the water, the case is opened and the life saving ring inside is thrown to the person in trouble.

Oh really Grock said.  That sounds like a great idea.  But look over there. That looks like some sort of wonderful fun kind of a ride. And ZOOM he rolled off with the OFM in chase.

Grock went up the stand with ease and waited at the top for the OFM to catch up.  Grock hollers out How does it work?  Where do I get on it.

The OFM finally got there and paused to catch his breath. You silly pebble. You need to be more careful. That is a garbage barrel and if you fell into it, you might be gone forever to a dump site.

You mean it is not a ride. Nope it is not.  Ratzzz I sure wanted it to be a Disney type of ride. 

Grock was taken from the barrel frame work and put in the OFM shirt pocket while they moved on down the beach for a ways to see other things. Grock did not make it far before there was loud ZZZZZZZZZ coming from the OFM’s pocket. Grock was wore out from a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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