A Rough Spot

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date:2-5-2020
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Another change. It happens that our next move is next door into the Falcon County Park tomorrow. The cold weather up north has us bamboozled so we plan to stay down in the warm until the cold gets totally out of the way.

Before the weather reports were updated the OFM thought he needed to finish the last trail section in the park. So off we went to the start of it.

As the OFM crossed the main road he suddenly stopped and stared intently. It was money in the street.

What? You can’t see the money in the green square! OK here is an enlargement.

And that penny is firmly attached to the paving. The OFM tried for three hours to get it up but he never budged it. It is waiting for a reader to get it up some day. It is right out front of the butterfly garden gate.

From there the OPP (old penny pincher) headed over to the beginning of the last portion of the hiking trail.  It begins a couple of hundred feet past the butterfly garden and winds through the area past the entrance station and comes out at an entrance to the entrance of the full hookups camping area.

Most of the trail is just the same as what you see in the sign picture above.  However once you pass the entrance station there is a short rougher section that needs more attention to your walking surface than the rest of the trail.

The rough section is not difficult at all but paying attention to where you step for that 50 feet can save you a nasty oopsie into the thorns all around you.

The trails around the park are all fairly gentle walking except for watching for the wait a minute thorns along the sides.  Be fore warned this area is incredibly HOT when the weather warms up in a month or so. The lake is very refreshing in warmer weather also. Over all it can be a nice place to spend a nice time of just kicking back, relaxing and trying to have tooooo much fun.

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