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Prismacolor Pencils and Art Stix

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-19-2020
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Since a miserable migraine hit before lunch and lasted until mid afternoon, tonight is a continuance to yesterday’s information about the OFM’s last few paintings. It still seems odd to call an art scene done in colored pencil a painting but that is the common term in the art articles on the Internet.

The colored pencils the Teams uses is Prismacolor brand. They are a wax based pencil lead with high pigmentation and obviously easy to use or the OFM would not be using them. Here is a picture of the box of them and then a picture of the pencils themselves.

The Teams have found that a set of colors in most art mediums with around 36 different colors is sufficient for the OFM’s abilities.

Prismacolor also markets a special shape of the colored lead in the pencils called Art Stix.  These are 1/4“ square by about 3 1/2“ long and are the exact same material and colors as the pencil leads.  These Stix allow the artist (or paper waster in the OFM case) to cover larger areas much faster and cheaper than with just the pencil point lead.
Here is the box for the Art Stix we have and then the Stix themselves.

This set up seems to be a good set up in general. The OFM has tried a couple of other colored pencils brands but always quickly came back to Prismacolor. These are not watercolor pencils. They are a different item altogether.

An important to the Teams is that the Prismacolor colored pencils do not seem to be as paper sensitive as some other brands. 

When it is all said and done, using colored pencils for art is a lot easier for the Teams glorious leader since they do not REQUIRE speedy application or other needs. He can color for a bit, stop at any time, come back at any time and continue with no ramifications no matter if you are outside or inside. A particular good thing is colored pencils do not make a mess if you drop them or knock your box over. A quick pickup and you are right back to trying to have tooooo much fun

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