Hot Foot

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-29-2020
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The OFM has a bit of a trouble with one of his hooves and its not hoof in mouth disease. It is plain old gout.  Yesterday was a slow day at best and the OFM sat at the dining/do everything table piddling wasting paper all day staying close to the large supply of ibuprofen in the bathroom cabinet. 

Today it is a little better but still noticeable. In the following picture taken this afternoon, the pink circled area was highly inflamed, swollen and hot to the touch yesterday.  As you can see it is much better today.

As research for treatment progressed we found out that Gout is considered a form of arthritis. We consider it a form of misery. Treatment is basically NSAID dosing and an elevated resting position.

Late this morning The OFM just could not stand it anymore and we went for a VERY gentle short meander with the camera.  It seemed to help the OFM attitude a lot to get out some.

This is the second day of HOT weather but today is a lot of wind. We took the easy short trail down to the boat ramp area. Along the way the OFM noticed a critter trail we had walked past before. This time we explored a little bit and found this critter home hiding in a small water runoff ditch. The foot wide opening did not look like it had been used recently but we were extra careful considering the condition of OFM's escape mechanism (foot).

When we got to the boat ramp we noticed a nice view in the bright sunshine of the dam and most of the beach area for the State Park.  It is a pretty day even if it is hot.

With a little luck the OFM will be back in near normal action tomorrow. Actually the Teams had a secret meeting and could not decide if that was good or not. That FOOL can get into all sorts of trouble when out trying to have tooooo much fun after being restrained a day or two. 

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