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Light Traveling Rig

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-22-2020
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There is a style of RV or camper ( your choice) on the road that the Teams had not had the chance to find out much about them in actual use.  They have been out and used for well over 15 years. We finally got to get honest worthwhile information on them from a couple we met about two weeks ago here at Falcon Lake State Park.

The best we can tell they are generally referred to as a “hardside folding camper”.  Here is a picture of this one all set up at their site here.

They are long term camping traveling in the rig and having a great time of it. If the OFM recalls correctly, they left Prince Edward Island, Canada a couple of months ago and have camped there way across the US to Falcon Lake and soon will start camping their way back to PEI.  Then do some more traveling in Canada when it is “warm” up there.

They pull it with a Dodge Caravan and the tow vehicle has handled everything just fine. The van is naturally a storage place for many items.

We asked what was the biggest accommodation that has to be made to the trailer design and that was easy. Not having a toilet built into the rig.  Sometimes they do not get a site very close to the campground restroom and that gets more important.

However it seems that in the world of light rigs this trailer has a good rating for general comfort and usability.  It definitely has gotten those nice folks into a lot of great places for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. If you haven't heard about a you-tuber named Slim Potatohead you might want to go over and take a look. He has traveled in and modified an A-frame trailer to include a shower as well as other items. He also talks about why he is no longer traveling in it.

    1. I could not find the video on why he quit the A Liner.

  2. Have rented one from base MWR and it is great for a four day camping in Seward by the Sea Life center ( indoor flush bathrooms ). No complaints from us. Great they are comfy in it on an extended trip.

  3. "Sunset on the Lake" is beautiful. Thanks for the opinions on the trailor.

  4. When we camped in a tent trailer we took along a port-a-pot. Still had to use campground showers but you don't need those quite as often. :)