Moved Again

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-26-2020
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The OFM wimped out and we moved back into the State Park so he could have 120 volt electricity for running the electric heaters at night. We are due for a 37 tonight and two more fairly cool nights after that. Then summer arrives.

Here is our site on the door side of Comfort Castle. It is a nice spot and just a few feet from the showers/restroom. Nice long hot showers are great, especially when they do not fill your holding tanks.

During a meander in the afternoon looking for pictures that needed taking, the OFM got in a good reasonable speed walk.  

At one location we could see across an arroyo to a large pile of buildings. Our guess is that it is a small settlement or a fishing village. Any way the Teams had not noticed it before. That could happen when you are looking down while out and about to keep from stepping on dangerous things or critters.  When the lake is full the closest buildings will likely be waterfront places.

The walk meandered down to the shore line where we found some tracks telling a story of ALMOST getting too close to the water in a vehicle. It definitely was not Sierra.  Sierra knows better than to do that silliness.

And on the way back to the camp we passed an old tree near the fish cleaning station that has been there forever or longer. We bet this old tree has lots of interesting stories from the experienced look of it.

Meanwhile everyone keep warm. We plan to sleep very well after this day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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