Climbing Rocks

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-24-2020
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Grock wanted to come along on the Climbing Rocks trail the Teams had noticed a couple of days ago. We made him promise to be careful so he would not get his paint scratched. He said he would be extra careful. so he jumped into the OFM’s pocket and away we went.

Sierra got us to the correct parking spot in good time and we hopped out ready to walk. Grock wa already wriggling around a lot so the Teams figured that sooner or later we would have to rescue him from some silliness.

At the start of the trail, we pointed out all the rocks that had climbed up onto the sign and posts. Grock got all excited and we let him join in the trail entry excitement.

Then Grock wanted to be carried so that he could see what all was going on. The OFM carried Grock in his hand so Grock could pay attention better we hoped.

The next thing we came to was a tall post with some athletic rocks on top of it. Grock wanted to climb the post but he needed more practice. The OFM finally helped Grock up onto the top so could enjoy the view.

After a couple of minutes we headed on down the trail. Grock was getting a bit over excited and we tried to calm him down. It didn’t work. The next thing we knew Grock had hopped to the ground and climbed a tree. Good Grief!

There were rocks in all sorts of elevated places. It must have been a wild party of climbing rocks on the trail a few days ago. Grock was rolling all over the place like a nut case. He needed to pay more attention to what he was doing or he could get messed up. Grock did not pay attention but at least he spotted a bench to rest on and hopped up on it to meet the other rock resting there.

After a little while Grock announced he was rested and rolled right off the bench and down the trail faster than a javelina after a carrot. In a minute we heard a crash like falling into a bush. then Grock was hollering for help.

Oh rats what now? We made our way down the trail as fast as the OFM could move and finally spotted Grock down in a mess of spines. He looked fairly well stuck down there.

It took the Teams a few minutes to ge Grock out of that mess. Grock thanked us for helping him and requested that the OFM carry him back to Sierra in the safety of the OFM’s pocket. Grock was put into the pocket and behaved all the way back to Sierra.

It was a tired little Grock in that pocket. And by the time we got back to the Castle Grock was asleep from all the excitement of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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