Double Twang

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date:2-4-2020
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Two thin boneless pork chops pan fried.
A fresh bag of mixed green leafy vegetable things with some shredded carrots mixed in.
A plop of black olives.
pan fry the chops in a high sided pot with a lid. a  table spoon of water to keep the chops moist and cook evenly. Replenish as needed.

Put the salad mix and olives in a bowl. Lightly drizzle honey mustard dressing on them.

Cook the chops 4 minutes to a side with medium flame if using propane. No idea about flame height for natural gas. It burns cooler. Make sure that there is always just a hint of steam coming from the pot.  You may have to add a teaspoon of water a couple of times. If you did it right the chops will be lightly browned on each side. If not plop them in the pot with no water for about thirty seconds.

Remove the chops and slice them as you desire. Lay them beautifully on top of the salad mix. Gently and carefully apply a lite drizzle of BBQ sauce of your choice on the meat only.  This gives you a  WOW double twang when eating this delicious meal. Try it. The OFM might not be a crazy as he sounds.

Tomorrow is our last day at Falcon SP. Our fourteen days are up. Since we left Rockport we have had one boondocking day and 14 water/electric days. The boondock stay was free.  The w/e days cost $178.28 for 14 days. That is $12.74 a night. The first week was well spent as the getting back into the camping mode did have a couple of oopsies and whoopses.  The second week, we now know, could easily been dry camping just like the first night out.

Falcon SP is a decent park but the distance to grocery shopping if you like fresh vegetables is at least 30 miles one way down to Rio Grande City and a Super Walmart. Highway 83 is a good road and the trip is not difficult. However the local grocery does have a great selection of meats and canned goods especially if you like “different” than usual American fare.

The walking here in the park has been excellent and the OFM really has put some miles in around this place. The terrain is just south Texas brush but the lake, especially for an evening walk, can be really fantastic as you saw yesterday on this blog.

BUT the OFM noticed on his walk this afternoon that his Merrells are working on being worn out. So when we get to Del Rio we will be shopping for some new shoes in size 10 weird. 

Those feet need to be kept in good shape for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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