Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas
Adventure Date:2-6-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

The Teams got moved to the Falcon County Park. It was nearly four miles of towing and everything went well. After a small amount of looking around we grabbed a spot and got set up. It is about a hundred feet from where we set up for the night two weeks ago. However for some reason we do not have internet at this spot. That could cause a change tomorrow.

Here is the front view of the camping spot chosen.

Then we have this view taken from the window where the OFM always sits at the dining/do everything table.

This is the place with no fees, free water, rustic dump station, a marginal shower and toilet room and a time limit of the rest of your life. If you die in the park, the authorities will remove you and your stuff.

We are adjusting to the incredible silence and the grass burrs. It is so quiet we swear we can hear the grass growing. But we will get used to it and figure out some way to try to have tooooo much fun.

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