Sky Show

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-3-2020
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Morning came early and the OFM looked out the door to see this magnificent surprise.

What a sunrise that was to start a busy day!

Grocery shopping was first order on the list of chores. A 60 mile round trip got us fairly well supplied for a couple of days. The local grocery is OK but does not carry much in the way of fruit and vegetables.

We also got in a nice fishing session with no fish bothering us. The hour nap in late afternoon was really needed and well received. Other chores were handled and soon it was getting on toward evening.

The cloud structure seemed  to be saying it would be a good sunset pictures night. The OFM needed to get in some walking so he headed on over to the general area he thought would be good. It was but it made for a bit of a longer walk (3 miles total) than he last time taking sunset pictures. The coming back in the dark was even extra fun it seemed.

We took 52 pictures during the sunset effort.  It was a wild and varied hour or so of “sunset time”. This was the actual sunset time and it came out nice we think.

Then right after that this next picture titled mountains in the clouds was taken looking northward.

 We thought it was pretty cute even though those are darker clouds and not mountains.  The rapidly changing cloud systems made lots of interesting picture opportunities including some horse shapes.

Then the clouds at the sunset cleared for a few minutes and this scene titled explosion was taken. It looked like a big bomb exploding in Mexico.

We thought the show was over after explosion sunset was taken.  But it was NOT. In the after glow of the sunset the massive cloud system was stirring around keeping the camera busy. Here is the one we chose to show tonight. This was about 15 minutes after explosion was photographed.

We hope you enjoyed the sky show as much as the Teams did. It was a great help in trying to have tooooo much fun today.

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