Oh Boy Another Trouble

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-9-2020

Yesterday the OFM decided to come back into the State Park and made a reservation. This morning our reserved site was clear when we checked at 1100.  So we went back to the free camping, coupled up and came to the SP at a slow roll.

We had trouble getting the Castle leveled and it was HOT. Yep bright burning sun HOT. But it will be nice to be back here where it is a lot quieter and better walking.

The OFM started on some projects and when he opened the outside storage  to get a tool, the floor was wet.  The hydraulic jack cardboard box was soaked. Close examination revealed that the top water heater nozzle was leaking where the Pex piping was attached to the nozzle.

That nozzle is way up inside the cabinet and not easy to get to to see.  It is corroded badly and probably ready to give up. So now we have another item of failure. 

 The 91F afternoon reminded us that the Texas Miserable Hot Summer is nearly starting. By the middle of March it will be HOT out this way. Then the OFM remembered that the roof air conditioner is also 15 years old and has spent 13 years suffering in the salt environment of the coast fall weather.

We think this trailer has done much better than we expected because of all the outback time it has had and the somewhere around 300,000 miles of roads, much of what was pretty rough.

Now what to do next is the current question. You can be sure it will have something to do with trying to have tooooo much fun.

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