Warmer Socks For Colder Weather


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 20, 2023

That morning air was cool this morning. We got started later this morning on the walking in the beautiful sunshine hoping the OFM could handle it for a bit more distance. He did. We got in about .25 miles more for a little over 1.6 miles without pain. However we did forget the camera. In reality there was not anything new today to excite the camera anyway.

The whole walk was just a great nice time out walking and thinking about what is next in our boring OFM life. According to the life insurance tables we have another 10 years of active life left to live and the OFM Teams have no intention of just letting that time slide by gently. NO SIR, NOT EVEN A HINT OF THAT HAPPENING.

In the meantime we wrapped some Christmas packages in anticipation of the local gathering on Friday.

My son's family has a few more gatherings during the next couple of weeks and will be very busy running around the state.

The OFM has found that he would like some high top socks for winter use, so it was a shopping day. Walmart had a good selection of high top WARMER socks but we did not want that heavy of a sock. It turned out some Dr. Scholls socks were just right for our wants.

They are thinner than the work style sock and feel really good in our 35F weather.

The OFM was feeling a bit rough today and two 45 minute naps during the day did wonders for his energy.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

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