Morning Sun


Beautiful Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 5, 2023

The OFM made 2.5 miles this morning in spite of his allergies troubles. It was a chilly day with extremely nice bright sunny skies.

Along the way we saw the new slough boss egret wading in the fresh shallow water grabbing minnows for breakfast. This bird is growing fast and gaining plenty of body weight.

At the far mouth of the slough a blue heron is trying to take over that area but we have seen the egret run the heron off a couple of times already.

We spent a lot of the day researching the trouble Sierra is having again. Everything points to the same trouble as the solution. Early Thursday morning we are to be at the warranty shop for Sierra to get fixed again. It does not seem like the shop screwed up but more likely the new part was bad. We will see what happens.

We also did a bit of touch up coloring and gave up on this coloring of five seed packs. The paper did not seem to want to take the colored pencil evenly. Then when we tried the OMS solvent to even out the coloring, the paper acted like it had spots that would not accept the solvent properly. So we finally gave up hoping that someone in blog land can spot our error and get us some larnin. The other pages that we have used from that book have performed very well for cheap paper.

That is about it for tonight. We are hoping for an early start on great long night of rest.


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