Dreams To Chase


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 31, 2023

Another cold morning but it quickly became a beautiful day here in Decatur Alabama. We have some cold coming but we are thrilled to have days like this one.

After dawdling a bit we hit the trail with a windbreaker for the cool and by the time we returned it was too much.

As we get away from the soccer field this is the view we get of where our starting trail splits into four trails to choose from. None of the trails are bad so any one chosen is a good one. We chose left this morning.

Down the trail a little ways we could see these folks fishing Flint Creek for catfish. There were about ten folks in all including a couple of young kids. On our way back we saw one of the folks carrying a nice fish back to the vehicle and into an ice chest.

A nice distance on along the trail we came to this bench where a nice lady and her pup were taking a break. The pup as friendly and well behaved as well.

We got to our turning point at 1.1 miles and headed back just in time to get to give good mornings to several couples out walking the trails also. It was beautiful sunshine at this time on the trail. The walk back to the
Castle was a bit warmer and really nice.

Back at the Castle we took a bit of time and finished this coloring and named it Wandering Water. We hope you enjoy it.

And not least for sure is the late afternoon 30 minute nap we had. WOW that hit the spot perfectly.

We hope everyone has a wonderful new year and has dreams to chase.

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