A Bleeeeah Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 9, 2023

We do not really recall most of today. What we do recall is being almost sick all day like a stomach virus was about to hit.

What we did accomplish was making sure we had all the important events entered on the planning calendar for the next few weeks. And that sure cleared out a couple of stupid errors the OFM had made. The OFM had two events on the schedule that he could not go to due to the no night vision situation but he was scheduled anyway. That is cleared up now.

We did spend to time researching about this night vision mess and what to expect. None of the expectations were good. It is not lethal or any thing like that but most of the time it is permanently a pain in a persons life. We plan on more research to see what the full story is.

We also started arranging our affairs for leaving the area after Christmas to go to warmer climates. And that part of our world was showing promise for us to get out an move around again. To our disappointment when we checked the camera for new pictures there was no pictures taken today.

So there you have it a bleeeeah day but still breathing and heart beating going on so it was a great day. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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