Pretty and Cool Day Today


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 6, 2023

First tonight is a HEPA filter air filter report. The unit we put into service recently is doing a good job. It is sized for about 200 SF and the Castle is about 147 SF, so the match up is a good one. The OFM notices a significant lessening of his allergy troubles since the unit has been at work in the Castle for almost a day. Is it perfect and complete nope. But we guess the feel better rate to be in the above 70% range. And that includes the OFM going in and out of the door about every two hour with some excuse or another. It seems to be a very good choice as to something that really helps the misery.

Along mid morning the OFM decided the temp was nice enough to get in a walk that turned out to be a nice 2 mile stroll on another beautiful day.

We took a road and trail path and took several pictures with the really nice skies in them like the one above.

At the path going over the slough bridge we paused to enjoy the day again. Gosh it was fantastic again. COLD weather is due in again soon.

To our surprise there was only one other person out walking and her two dogs we super friendly and fun to pet.

Later this afternoon we were sitting at the dining room window and noticed it was dark outside. So we checked the clock and it showed about 1640 for the time. We checked the computer and it agreed. Good grief it is very dark already! The OFM stuck the camera out the door and took this picture looking back to the rear of the Castle without flash. It sure is dark early in this area of the world.

A bit later the OFM decided it was time to think about supper and what to fix. He thought about it for a few minutes and suddenly recalled the canned chicken in the food locker with a Knorr bag of ready to cook rice blend. Oh Boy supper will be easy. So tonight we get to try out the canned chicken we plan to be toting when we roll around this year.

Then the fool recalled the shredded carrots we purchased just for these kinds of events.

Yep that looks just right with hot green tea for the beverage of choice.

In the morning early Sierra has to be at the repair shop for fixing the fan again, supposedly under warrenty this time. If it works then we will once again be free to hit the road rolling to warmer territory. When would we roll is not yet known, let us just get Sierra running correctly first. Before all the repairs and medical troubles we had planned to be gone September 15 or so. Yep we are late again this year.


  1. So how did you like the canned chicken? Glad you are having good results from the air purifier.