Sierra The Weird One


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 7, 2023

The need to get Sierra to the auto shop over rode the want to walk in the icy conditions we found in the campground when we stepped out of the Castle about 0650.The nearly totally ice covered Sierra was a surprise. On came the engine and ice riddance measures went into action. In a bit over five minutes all the windows were ice clear and off we went for the 0730 appointment.

Now to backtrack a bit. When we rolled into our site last night Sierra was doing its troubles with great vengeance. This morning Sierra ran like it it used to. No troubles to be found getting to the shop. While discussing it with the shop guy while we stood in the cold and checked things out we agreed there was no need to mess with the vehicle if nothing was misbehaving. Then said our good byes and sierra ran perfectly the rest of the day. Who knows. Any way this puts us into make another escape plan and see what happens next.

We spent a good bit of time trying to order Christmas presents by phone. We had about a fifty percent success with that, so tomorrow we have to try again. Between all the scattered family units the OFM grands have about four family gatherings during Christmas time. And this year the break on gymnastics and band etc is only one week.

Onward to the mold war. The last two days the OFM has been dong less badly with his nose running using the antihistamine to help him breathe. Today he missed his morning dose and made until about 1030 before he remembered to take it. But on second thought he realized he was doing a lot better today. He checked the weather and found the mold quantity in the air had gone down about a third in the last two days. This lets us know that mold is the trouble. Now to remember that next year and to be in the desert at this time of the seasons.

We are hoping that tomorrow will a good walking day since the OFM really needs it to stay healthy. Make the world a nicer place and tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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