Walking Path Change For Safety


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 18, 2023

Beautiful and bright skies held up all day but it was chilly to cold also. We checked the OFM healing and he was doing better so we went for a nice walk. When we exited the back of the campground we immediately noticed that the soccer field fence near our path had been taken down.

We have no idea as to why but there it is. We moved on along the path and got to the spot we used to cut across some natural terrain in the past years. In the past the root system had nearly tripped us several times. So this path section has been replaced with a safer route for an OFM who falls down.

As we continued on our way we came to a nice view with the junction of the Tennessee River and Flint Creek to the right and frequent egret hunting area. It is a pretty spot year round we think.

In a few more minutes we arrived at our new turnaround point where we will normally start back to the Castle.

It gives us an approximately 2.5 mile walk round trip of one hour. We are finding that distance to be a very good one for us nowadays.

This afternoon at the OFFICE we checked on how the coloring contest was going. This is a picture of the current entries.

The OFM is healing but very slowly it seems.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

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