Morning Sun


Rip And Tear


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 8, 2023

A great walking day it was but slightly chilly. We headed out the back of the campground to the soccer field and what a big crash we heard to our right. So we went right to see what was happening. Well it turns out they are doing a total dismantling of a nice size building next to the tennis courts.

The big crane reaches over the building, opens its claw, grabs a piece of the building and just plain old rips it out/ off of the building and swings over a huge dump truck and drops the load onto the truck. That is one very impress piece of destruction.

But the walk was calling so we headed down to the start of the hike and bike trail for fun in the cold. The walk was very nice and the slight chill at first was soon averaged out with the energy expended in the brisk walking. However there were a few folks out walking today and we got to talk independently with two of them about things they had seen while traveling. That makes a nice few minutes break in the walk plus great memories.

Nothing much else special happened until it started getting toward sundown. The OFM had set aside this evening to take a good reading on how bad his night vision was getting. The answer is pretty bad.

We set out in Sierra to roam the neighborhood until the OFM thought we need to get off the road. Our start time was 1645 and the OFM could see pretty well. By 1710 we knew it was time to shut down. By1715 Sierra was parked and we were entering the Castle for the night.

But this early shut down worked out well because we got our laundry done and put away tonight. Nice clean COTTON sheets again for our bed. We had been trying a poly/cotton mix for sheets and pillow case since they were way cheaper than full cotton. They were OK but after several months they did not really do the trick for great sleeping like pure cotton. So the poly went to the garbage can and the cotton went back on the bed after the months long trial. Sleeping tonight is going to be really goooood we bet.

Your assignment that you are not allowed to turn down is Try to have tooooo much fun and a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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