Gorilla Spray


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 27, 2023

It was a wonderful day for a nice walk that the OFM sometimes calls his heart treatment. It helps keep his heart beating and his blog running. This is the soccer field at the start of the walk and it got our juices flowing for the rest of the two miles.

We have had lots of dying trees fall along the pathways this year and this is one that went down about four days ago. It was different in that normally the tree top gets blown off and then a long while later the trunk snaps off. This one the whole tree went down all together. 

Another unusual event this morning was Flint Creek being covered with ripple going every which way. We guess that the winds were getting moved around by the lack of leaves in the trees and just having a swirling good time.

And speaking of time, Sierra goes to the dealer for repairs Jan 2 at 0900. Hopefully they can do the job right so we can soon head south. January and February are the two cold months here. By mid March things get nice again.

That is what we used on the cracked caulk around a skylight that leaked during the big storm a couple of days ago. We have had very good luck with it. Getting on the roof and wandering around was not on our list of great fun with the OFM balance being as iffy as it is. However it needed to be done for sure. We got by with just a couple of bruises from the transfer from the rear ladder to/from the roof.

Every one relax and have a nice evening and try to have tooooo much fun.

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