Morning Sun


Snot Slinging Sickness


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 4, 2023

The OFM has a horrible nasty snot slinging cold or he thought so. But after reading about all the allergies running around the woods here He changed his mind to an allergy to mold. So this morning he had to educate himself on mold fighting. The main way to kick the allergy away is by closing up your home and running an air purifier with a HEPA filter on it and cleaning all the mold spores out of the air. So we went to work on the internet and found some purifiers at Walmart that fit the space we live in of 174 SF. A bit less than $100 drive out and we were headed home. Installation was as easy as the dehumidifier and we soon had it working.

Within an hour the OFM could really feel the difference in his breathing and snot slinging. It is now well after dark arrived and he is still having allergy troubles but it is way less than at first today. Keep in mind that in his past the OFM has not had serious allergies to bother him but this mold mess is getting to him with vigor.

But as our readers know it has been a breakdown year and a half for the OFM Teams. Well this afternoon Sierra started acting up again with its electric radiator fans turning on at odd times again. So here we go again with the delays.

The cold weather with high humidity is not making this a great area to spend the winter. Checking our blog entries of last year it turns out it was not as nice as we remembered it. So we need to be more careful with our planning to stay out of the wet cold of upper Alabama.

And for one more happening but we have a very experienced world authority to explain it to us. Mr. Don C and the OFM have been buddies for years Don knows about bruising of old men in detail. So how in the world did the OFM get a bruise this big in that spot without ever noticing anything happening?

Well that is about enough nonsense for tonight so every one have a great day tomorrow of trying to have tooooo much fun.



  1. Air purifier isn't a bad enclosed space that doesn't get outside air renewed, like in the winter......well. Meanwhile, easy to get a bruise like that if you are a certain age. When you were a young thing, you'd have known right off the bad you clunked your hand into something. Don may have something more helpful to say. All I know is it comes with the territory. You're over 75 now.

    1. Well over 75. My rig is so small that it requires a window cracked open a calculated amount for fresh air all the time.

  2. If that was my hand I'd think back to what small space I stuck it into to do something that had to be done. Good luck with the allergies!

  3. If you're sure it's mold, you may want to check some more of your foam insulation locations since you mentioned you found mold on the one you replaced at the window. Be safe over there.