Morning Sun


Very Busy Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: December 10, 2023

Just like yesterday We do not really recall most of today but at least it was because we were too busy doing things. Our main effort has been getting some Christmas presents lined out and ready to distribute. The OFM's DIL has lots of family members needing their attention and my son and his mothers side also need their attention. The the OFM seems to always need something as we are in town. So it can be a bit hectic in this area.

This morning we spent a good bit of time trying to get the Grandkids presents lined out. Nope we failed on that but at least came up with a workable solution to the situation we start to implement tomorrow.

While messing around in cubby holes in the Castle we found some colorings we think were finished a couple of months ago but we need to verify their standing and get them handled with whatever they need to go public.

One thing really noticeable is the cold weather sure makes being inside the Castle feel nice. The mile and a half walk in the cold wind this morning was not wonderful but the nice warm up when we returned was wonderful. The OFM loves hot green tea after a cold event.

So every one have a nice new week of holiday fun and take a moment to pause and relax in spite of all the excitement in the air. We are still hoping to roll out January 2 after the Christmas excitement cools down so we can have a relaxed tour of western USA warm spots. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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