Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-10-2022


The OFM Team felt good enough to cook supper tonight. Stir fried vegetables and scrambled eggs with BBQ sauce. And it was wonderful, both the taste and being healed enough to want to do it. Dishes were washed and we took a wobbly slow walk in the campground gathering pictures for the blog.

The OFM was able to gather lots of good information from the web about his injury and the healing of it. He is on a typical healing pattern and is probably going to be a lot better within a month or so. A big factor is supposedly his susceptibility to migraine headaches that could get in the way a bit. We can only wait and see.

Light flexibility exercise is not recommended. With that in mind we hit up Walmart for some new weights. The set we had for the last 18 years were 15 pound weights and were getting too heavy for my shoulder/arm joints to handle. The arm muscles could handle them but the joints were too damaged to continue with that weight level. So we took our our joints to try out joints. We ended up with these pretty joint flexibility maintainers.

While we were there at the table doing our light joint work out we grabbed this picture of our backyard here at Pt. Mallard.

A sort of good thing is that we have been taking pictures during our short wobbly walks and building up a nice library of blog future pictures.

Our last picture tonight was taken near the office about 1945. The sky and the trees really got the OFM's wants to flowing for doing some more art work. Here was the moon saying hello to everyone.

Now the OFM needs to do some serious resting so he can heal faster and get busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Glad you are there and relaxing. And can keep taking it easy....and it's moderate enough temp to go outside and have a look at the almost full moon. Still 100+ everyday around here, and it doesn't cool off fast.

  2. Hi, Barney. Somehow I missed last night's post last night. Old age getting to me, I guess, cause I did think about you yesterday being with the grandkids. Those two HAVE really grown, To me, they resemble each other more now than they used to. And, you do look great! I was expecting to see a banged up OFM. Of course, part of what makes it such a good photo is the obvious happiness on the faces. Thank you. Much appreciate that picture.

    1. Click on the restaurant pic a couple of times and note the bruises on my arms. The concussion did not leave any external marks but I can certainly tell it did inside.

    2. I noticed your arms. Decided not to mention the fact that they look pretty much like mine. I'm about four years older than you. Every day I come with more purple decorations, and usually I dont know when I got them. I'm sure you have interior souvenirs of your fight with the desk. Spending time with the kids will help take your mind off that a little. 😁😁

  3. Getting enough rest so you can heal will lead you to having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.