Morning Sun


Something To Do


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 7-2-2022

The truck outside temperature indication this morning was about 92F when we got to the walking path. The OFM stepped out of the cab to feel the air etc before we go wondering off. It was surprisingly comfortable.

That strong wind made a lot of difference and we headed out for a good walk thanks to the strong wind off the Gulf of Mexico a mile south of us.

After we finished and sat on a bench for a few minutes we decided to meander around town a bit. That worked out nice also. Now we have two more days and a wake up before we leave. We think the OFM has healed enough that we can make the trip if we are gentle on the road.

We stayed in the AC most of the day and colored on an Adult Coloring Book page and really enjoyed it. It is an interesting scene from the western areas. It will give us something to do each night on our way to Grandkid Land for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Me too but it is obvious to my body I have a long time of healing left to go.

  2. Just take it easy and let your body tell you what you need.