Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-11-2022

The morning started a bit blahhh and the teams were lethargic at first. It gets light very early here on the eastern edge of this time zone so we were messing around. Breakfast was the usual cereal at a slow pace. Then we trudged the garbage down the the road to the dumpster as an excuse to get out in the cool air. On the way back the OFM's head found an intelligent and scared the rest of the group.

It was decided it was time once again to attempt a nice short gentle morning walk to help the healing we hoped. So we stopped by the Castle and piddled a bit getting the right cloths on for the walk along the river (actually Flint Creek) but most folks here call it The River.

So we trudged out to the back of the campground to where we could see the beginning of the river trail across the waterpark parking lots.

After carefully crossing the hazards the OFM was afraid he might trip on we got over to the trailhead marked 0 mile.

Then you take the short walk to the entrance and picnic part of the waterpark. Very shortly after that you take a left turn down a slope to the waters edge and the main trail that runs for over four miles along Flint Creek and later the Tennessee River. It is a picturesque trail for walking.

Along about this point my mind had a sudden major change of how it feels and we suddenly felt like we were 85% healed suddenly and the OFM enjoyment of being alive and walking a trail like this was wonderful again. His mind cleared a lot and joy came slamming into his mood again. It was incredibly wonderful to be out in nature again to enjoy what nature had for us.

And a minute later this friendly lady and pup stopped for a minute to say good morning and have fun. Maybe it was Mother Nature.

Since this moment for the rest of the day we have had to be careful about trying to do too much since our muscles and reactions are still in need of a bit more healing. This made us certain we would like some more of that trying to have tooooo much fun stuff again.


  1. What a beautiful place to walk! And I have found that most every trouble we encounter is made better by spending time with Mother Nature. She provides balm for the soul. I'm glad you found that today.

  2. Very good. That's all, just "very good".

  3. Glad you're seeing some improvement, head injuries are no joke. Also, I hope you are using a walking stick while on your walks, they can keep a stumble from becoming something worse, and if you run into any bad dogs or raccoons you can give them a whack if needed.

  4. That is a good looking campground you are staying at.