Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Golf Again, Sort Of.


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-20-2022

Good grief things have been busy out here today.

An important thing we did today was head over into the Walmart neighborhood market and check out the emails that said the OFM needed to get a Covid booster shot. So we walked in to find out the particulars. The wonderfully nice lady asked me to wait a minute and took my information to a certain computer to check me out.

In about three minutes she went and grabbed a couple of papers. Then over to the refrigerator to get a small bottle then to a cabinet to get unknown items. Yep the OFM needs to get one because he is so OLD.

After getting to the cubical he was asked to report to a different person came out ready to puncture him. The OFM asked if this means he was supposed to get a Covid booster or something different. The person says yep you are due to get one. Which shoulder? The OFM replied the one you can inject the best. So we sat down in adjacent chairs and he stabbed the OFM so well the OFM did not even feel it. We said our good byes and now the OFM is up to date on being stabbed. Total elapsed time was about ten minutes and everybody very polite and pleasant. WOW.

Check out this picture.

Golf clubs

About a year ago the OFM was having enough joint trouble he decided that golf club swinging needed to go away from his life and he got rid of his golf clubs. The available areas here at the golf course allow for just messing around with golf clubs or serious practice. About a week ago we meandered into a local goodwill place that had a worn putter($1.50) in decent shape to just play with at the putting practice green.

Well that turned out to be a nice time to enjoy again.

So that got the OFM to wondering if he could swing golf clubs again without pain and decently. A couple of days later we stopped and the goodwill place and they had some well neglected and used golf irons there for the same per club price.

So now with $4.50 in golf clubs we went back to the golf course to piddle with the clubs to see what happens to the OFM. He had a blast but it showed that his shoulder joints would not work for actual course play.

HOWEVER THEY COULD HAVE FUN PIDDLING AROUND AT THE CHIPPING AND PUTTING GREENS. So now we have a 3 club set for messing around at the practice greens at the golf course now and then. That will likely be as much as the OFM will ever get to playing golf again but it should turn out to be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun in his ancient years.


  1. Looks that is quite the deal for the only clubs you really need. I use to play all the time but gave the game up about 25 years ago. Sold my clubs but I would still like to go out and hit some balls at the range and putt a little.

  2. Many ranges have a few older clubs they let you use just for that reason when you buy a bucket of balls.

  3. That is such an excellent idea. I just taught a lady how to golf last month. She was so surprised that you could go over to the putting and chipping green for free. I love it when you can get pleasure in something that is free..and have too much fun.

  4. Getting the Covid Boosters is a wise thing to do because it is constantly changing. The Medical Experts here are saying we are into our Seventh Wave of this. This will become the new norm.
    Any time you use joints and muscles that you haven't in some time they scream and holler while kicking up a fuss. As you keep using them they start falling back in line and realize that they are also having tooooo much fun.
    Good deal on the clubs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy putting around.

    It's about time.