Electric Explosion


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-25-2022

Good grief July is nearly gone and we forgot to pay attention and use the days wisely. Anyway we got going on our walk today and headed for the far NW entrance to the loop around the golf course road. Since the OFM was feeling wobbly this morning we intended to stay on the paved trails for safety. We were doing well when we got to the loop road and turned right onto the loop road.

A nice shady path this was proving to be. We got to where the gravel walking path along the river and creek and paused to check the OFM's health and found it good enough to head onto the gravel walking path. Here is the sign at the entrance. This is the end of the trail several miles from the other end at the soccer fields you have seen many times. We think the trail is a bit over three miles but getting to it adds some distance to the walk.

The trail starts straight and soon meanders along like the river and creek.

At the start of the trail we saw this nice raft of geese swimming around like they are getting ready to fatten up for a southern flight soon.

Then we pointed the OFM nose along the trail and got walking. It is always wise to pay attention to warning signs along the trails to stay safe.

So we paid attention and did not get eaten. There were several clusters of flowers along the path. The white ones were so white that the reflection made them just be a white blob on the pictures. So we did not put them in tonight's blog. We plan to catch the flowers later in the day when we hope the lighting is better.

One stupid event happened. The OFM stopped to get a drink of water from his water bottle and it was not with us. That is not good so we headed back to the Castle.

Back at the Castle the OFM was feeling not just right so we spent the rest of the day just recuperating. The water bottle was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for us.

Along about late afternoon a LOUD BOOM shook the area. A power line had exploded a few rigs away from us. Decatur Electric was on site very quickly and had power restored in a couple of hours. They are usually pretty quick.

We have less hot air forecast in a couple of days and it will be welcome for the days it is here. Maybe we will find something great for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Making certain to carry one's Water Bottle when out for a walk is a better way for having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe from exploding Transformers and Enjoy the cooler air.

    It's about time.