Morning Sun


Trying To Help High Schoolers


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 7-27-2022

The first thing this morning was chainsaws making wood chips. The folks had a lift up in the trees cutting timber down that needed to be removed. As the ground crew stacked it into a truck they took it to the city dump nearby and returned for another load.

We got going in decently cool weather and had made our way down to the creek and along the path for about a mile and a half when we met a nice fellow who offered the Teams a bottle of water from his large package of water. We declined since we had plenty with us. But we did chat for a few minutes that turned into over a half hour of discussing challenges to kids these days. As the high schoolers finished the training run on the trail they would mosey on away except a couple who asked intelligent questions on career choices. One young man in particular asked detailed questions on military career opportunities and the OFM tried to help him. The stop at the water resupply point turned out to be very rewarding to the OFM as he attempted to help these young folks.

Late in the afternoon clouds started to build up and we got a cloudy sky that at first looked stormy, but nothing happened and the clouds dispersed.

The crepe myrtle plants we blooming profusely and looking pretty. We tried a close focus that came out less than great. But here it is for your pleasure.

We plan on a restful night so we can run nuts trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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